Like each lens needs the perfect frame to correct the view defect of the patient, also each insole needs a customized footwear to work perfectly.

The insoles can work properly only if combined with a dedicated footwear.

Using an insole means to place it in a footwear that allows it to work at its best, most of the time a classic closed shoe, this means no slippers, sandals os sabots, unless they have been specifically designed to host an insole. On the market you can find footwear that can host an isole even if they were not specifically designed for it.

If we use an insole together with a good quality dedicated footwear, we will obtain what we call a walking device.

We also would like to debunk the myth that the footwear designed to host an insole are generally ugly: in the last few years many progress have been done concerning the design and aesthetics of these shoes, making them fancy and fashionable.

scarpe per plantari


The internal volume must be sufficient to comfortably host the foot and the insole, avoiding compression or any other discomfort to the skin.
The heel should be between 1-1,5 cm and 2-2,5 cm, while the sole must be at least as wide as the foot, with high torsional stiffness to avoid the overpronation of the foot. It must have stiff calcaneal buttresses to stabilize the hindfoot and the sole should be made of rubber for a lower impact and to avoid microtraumas.

In our laboratory you will find a wide selection of footwear specifically designed for the wellness of your feet, with different width to better adapt to the sole of your foot, all able to correct the problems if used together with the insole.

All the footwear available have been tested and are suitable to host the insoles, in our laboratory you can find sneakers, safety footwear, sport shoes and more fashionable footwear even with heels.

These are the best brands available in our Laboratory:

The “Mercedes” of the footwear

plantari su misura tonus finn comfort

Shoe factory

plantari su misura tonus tomasi

For the picky runners and the free time

plantari su misura tonus books

Professional clog

plantari su misura tonus calzuro

Summer insoles

scarpe per plantari peter legwood

The “almost” tailor-made

plantari su misura tonus ecosanit

In our foot laboratory you can find many types of footwear up to size 50:
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