User information for patients with special needs

Patient that absolutely needs dedicated footwear
The insole can be used only combined with footwear previously approved by an orthopedic technician, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee the efficiency of the insole and the warranty will become null and void.

User with limited abilities, non-reliable/incapable to clearly express discomforts
This kind of patient must be assisted by a third party after a training with a TONUS Orthopedic technician, to help him with self-check operations and to assist him during the scheduled routine check-ups. Same should be done in case of young kids which are not reliable concerning the self-check operations.

Patient with sensory problems associated with physical and/or orthopedic issues causing the inability of feeling their limbs.
A third party with full ability must be involved and trained by a TONUS orthopedic technician. This person will be assisting the patient for monitoring his situation and scheduling the periodic assessments with a TONUS orthopedic technician. 

Patient unable to perceive touch and pain like in case of neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy etc.
Even if capable to monitor his situation, the assistance from a third party with full ability trained by TONUS orthopedic technician is highly recommended. In this case the alternation between the use and non-use of the insole are crucial:

  • 1st control should be done by a trained third party after 5 minutes
  • 2nd control at minute 15
  • 3rd control at minute 30
  • 4th control at minute 40
  • 5th control at minute 50
  • 6th control at minute 60

For the next controls please refer to the dedicated page. In case of wounds, ulcers etc… the foot should no be placed in direct contact with the insole. Please make sure to use dedicated dressing materials.