Tonus Foot Laboratory

Specialized clinic for foot analysis assessment

Our foot laboratory is a 380 Mq facility dedicated to foot assessment and to the podobarometric examination of the walk. All the possible problems connected with your foot will be analyzed and treated in the most professional and competent way.

Testing circuit and insole laboratory

In our foot laboratory we have four fitting rooms and a 30 meters testing circuit which, together with our crafting laboratory dedicated to the production of the orthotic insoles, guarantee a service that has always been our trade mark.

Specialized technicians and cobblers

30 years of experience in treating feet and a high qualified personnel such as our technicians and cobblers, always at your service and willing to take care of your feet and to provide you with the best comfort possible. Our expertise at your service.

People say about us...

“I have never found such a good assistance in any other laboratory”
“Thank you very much for your professionalism! Without your insoles and shoes I would not be able to walk anymore!”


“Amazing staff. Extremely qualified. Punctual. I wear shoes with my customized insoles all day long. Never felt back pain. Is this just luck? Well..”

Excellent service, high qualified and helpful personnel. Highly recommended.

Need more information?

antonio gaiani laboratorio del piede

In 1988 Antonio Gaiani, graduated Orthopedic technician, joined TONUS, an historical orthotic retailer in Noale (VE), starting a new business producing orthotic devices. The company was then listed as ULSS and INAIL supplier, achieving the license to supply customized medical devices like insoles, orthopedic footwear and orthopedic corset.

That same year the laboratory was opened: 140 square meters dedicated to the production of customized footwear and insoles, thanks to the cooperation with cobblers and artisans.

The following years saw an increasing of the personnel focusing on the foot treatments, the laboratory was enlarged absorbing the external artisanal laboratory, acquiring a larger technical know-how with more high specialized staff.

In 1988 TONUS decided to start a journey to obtain ISO 9002 certification and the conformity to directives 93/42/ECC (medical devices). In 2007 these two have been integrated by ISO 13485, a specific regulation dedicated to the production of customized medical devices (insoles, footwear, orthopedic corset…) involving all the personnel in the revision and creation of the required documentation.


All our employees are continuously following refresher trainings to keep the personnel updated on the latest news. This made our foot laboratory home of the training course “ECM: Foot Masterclass”   between 2004 and 2007.


Evolving, improving and keeping our structure up-to date, continuously introducing the latest technical machinery, will allow us to provide the best service possible to our customer, which is the final goal of our foot laboratory.