Foot check-up

In our foot laboratory in Noale, our orthopedic technicians carry out the foot check-up.

The foot check-up can be useful for the patient both before and after the orthopedic assessment.

If the check-up is done before the orthopedic assessment, it will be useful to define which will be the more appropriate specialist to contact in order to solve the problems that are causing the pain.

It is suggested for all the people suffering of feet pain or that are feeling pain to any other body part connected to them, like knees, hips, back and neck. It is also suggested for those people that do not know to which specialist they should talk to in order to solve their problem. Our 30 years experience allows us to connect with many specialists in the area, creating a network of cooperation useful to advise our patient at best.

If the check-up is done after a medical consultation, it helps our orthopedic technician to better understand the patient’s diagnosis. Our foot laboratory creates customized insoles and footwear, able to correct and mitigate painful symptoms caused by the most common pathologies like flat foot, pronated foot, hallux valgus, and many others.

Many times these pathologies are simultaneously manifested, and they evolve in more complex situations, one different to each other. The ability of our orthopedic technician is to understand the patient’s condition and to provide the right tools to solve it.

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How does the foot check-up works?

The first thing that a good orthopedic technician has to do is listening to the patient, acknowledging his background, routine, work and life style in order to understand what he needs.

After that the technician will evaluate the walk of the patient through a visual examination and the presence of any inflammatory state through a touch examination. If needed, a podobarometric footboard can be used to analyze how the foot lays on the ground and the strength exerted while maintaining the balance.

Is it really necessary consulting a doctor?

Not always. If the solution to the condition of the patient does not require any medical consultation, the orthopedic technician will suggest him how to proceed together.

Otherwise, if the condition of the patient will appear severe and complex, the orthopedic technician will indicate to the patient a possible action plan to be presented to a specialist.

How much does a technical / functional consultation cost?

The technical / functional consultation costs € 50,00 and will take around 30 minutes

Other costs that might occur for the customer

Podobarometric exam on Novel XL footboard € 90,00

Podobarometric exam with pedar insoles € 70,00

Consult + Podobarometric exam € 100,00