Instruction for use

This insole must be used only by the person it has been designed for:

  • In order to maintain the hygiene, do not use the insole at direct contact with the foot
  • To wash the insole do not soak it in water or other liquids and do not put it into the washing machine, It is forbidden to use alcohol-based products on the insole, prior to apply any kind of “sweat-control powder” please contact a TONUS Orthopedic technician.
  • Check periodically the insole and make sure to report any variation or alteration of its shape to a TONUS Orthopedic technician. If the shape appears altered the use of the insole could be even counter-productive.
  • Do not use footwear without lacing like moccasin or court.
  • Make sure that the footwear used to host the insole are always in good condition. A deteriorate footwear could interfere with the functions of the insole.
  • Any variation in the body structure of the patient might affect the therapeutic efficacy of the insole.
  • If the patient is affected by wounds or ulcers on the foot, the insole can be used only if these lesions already existed at the moment of its creation; if not, make sure to contact immediately your treating physician and the orthopedic technician to receive further instructions.

Some dangerous situations may occur while using the insole, please make sure to follow our user manual. Some of these situations could be:

  • Using the footwear on slippery surfaces, for instance: frozen surfaces, muddy soil, wet floors or other industrial floors which might present some stains of greases, oils, etc.
  • If too worn out, specially in the sole, the footwear might cause the slipping and falling down of the patient
  • The insole is not correctly placed into the footwear, the lacing of the shoe is not proper (too loose or too tight), the insole are inverted (left – right)
  • Any variation in the body structure of the user (weight gaining or loss)
  • Diabetic users must not put the barefoot in direct contact with the shoe and the insole.
  • Not for recreational use (dancing, etc.) or sports use (running, gym, etc.) even if not agonistic.
  • Do not use alternately expired and new insoles.
  • Driving vehicles: please adhere to traffic rules.
  •  CAUTION: in case of users with limited abilities (minor, disabled person, person with cognitive or sensorial limitations, diabetic and neuropathic), as non-reliable/incapable to clearly express discomforts and/or to perceive pain; extreme caution is required and close monitoring and assisting from relatives. Our TONUS Orthopedic technician are at your service.